Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book located, and Spring Knitty

I found it.  On my bookshelf.  *facepalm*

The Spring Knitty is up!  I really, really want to cast on for Hanne, because I think my handspun 2-ply is probably the perfect gauge and would knit up to great effect.  However -- the border on my Pi Shawl is going on, but not done yet, the bands (waist, button, neck) on my tweed sweater still need to go on, my Kauni Rainbow cardigan is...actually, bands need to go on that one too.  The first wrist band is done, the second is nearly done, and the big job of the single border that encompasses the neck, button bands, and bottom remains.  (But due to a fit of pique at the insufficiently flexible cable of my Addi Turbo, I ordered 2 or 3 Knitpicks fixed circulars in the correct size.  Trust me that there seemed to be a very good reason for ordering more than one at the time.  I'm trusting me...because I can't really think of that reason right now.)  Also, the grafting of the baby bog jacket is done and it needs...

Bands!  Okay.  All my projects are stalled at the band stage.  I, uh, I guess I don't find knitting bands to be very compelling.  Although in my defense, the garter blocks pattern that I'm using for the Kauni sweater involve stranded purling, which is a truly hand-cramping, fiddly task.

Off to knit some edges on things.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Missing Book! Help!

I loaned out my copy of Stranded Knitting by Nanette Blanchard.  I think.  Does anyone who reads this blog have it?  I asked the person I thought I loaned it to, but she doesn't have it, so now I'm at a loss.  I'm done teaching class 2 of 5 of my Stranded Knitting class, and there are some pictures I really, really want to show the class, but I can't because I can't find the book.  I think I loaned it out...although the book just being lost in the house somewhere is entirely possible.

If I can't find it in a couple weeks I'll just re-order the thing.  It's a fantastic reference book and not expensive.