Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm famous! (In Coquitlam)

So it's all silly, but at this moment I am absurdly proud of having been interviewed by one of the local papers, the Tri-City News. The interviewer got most of the facts right, and the photographer took a wonderfully glam photo of yours truly. The link is below -- read the article, then come back and tell me I'm pretty:

I'm spinning orange sock yarn, and on my drying rack is a yarn I'm titling Myfanwy. Tell me why I chose Myfanwy, and I'll...well I don't have any useful giveaways. I'll be very impressed though, and I'll ask you to be my friend.


Mama Stone said...

It may be a local paper, but everyone passing through Coquitlam reads it! Yay for publicity!

YummyYarn said...

Apparently they do! Three people have emailed me today with various inquiries about my yarn and classes. Any more email like that, and I'm gonna have to get me some of those giant sunglasses, and get a young nanny to flirt with my husband while I'm out getting my nails done.