Monday, March 3, 2008

I feel pretty...

Well, not me precisely. Me, I need a haircut, my roots are severely grown out, and I'm still fighting an unpleasant multi-symptom virus that had me cancelling class on Saturday and, what's more not meeting my spinning quota for the day, but the part of me that I'm all focussed on these days -- the wooly part of me -- that feels awfully pretty. Here is my upstairs half-wall thingy:

And my back patio drying racks:

And two bigass bins o' yarn in my spinning room:

I am actually feeling not completely panicked, not entirely inadequate, not like I am about to be cleaned out of my meagre supplies within moments of Fibrefest's doors opening, leaving me with 15 hours in which to apologize to potential customers that I have nothing to show them.

I had a little burst of energy yesterday and I managed to dye another 4lbs of corriedale, in awfully pretty colours. Not having much in the way of creativity left, I dyed colourways that have been popular in the past and all 4 batches turned out just like I wanted. I spun 12 skeins of yarn as well, and felt generally cheerful in the process.

Did I mention the unexpected not panicking? That was nice.

Today, I'm starting with some relaxing spinning -- a very pretty Shetland roving:

And in case you missed it: Fibrefest is in Abbottsford on March 7-8, *not* at Tradex where it used to be. Follow the link for driving directions, and come visit me there!


Anonymous said...


Ani said...


everything looks gorgeous. You know which ones I want. *grins* that bluish one with the purply spots drying on the wall thingy looks nice too. I think I'm seriously going to blow my budget for the whole day at your booth.

*hugs* on the virus though. Or maybe not hugs. not if it's catching. *hands over chicken soup instead*

YummyYarn said...

The bluish purply one was my failed attempt at Ianto. I spun up 50 grams of that batch -- it makes a nice purply yarn, pleasant enough, but not in any way reminding me of a Welshman I want to lick. So I'll keep trying on that one.

Ani said...

I still want some of it, even if it's not quite as cute in a suit.

Did you see yesterday's episode? It all makes sense now. Jack doesn't love Gwen, not like that at least. I am SO HAPPY. And the dancing. And the flirting. Oh the flirting.

AND the preview for next week. Ianto looks so good in that dark red shirt. *drool*

Excuse me, I think I have to go mop up a puddle now.

jayne said...

Okay, I'm planning a night raid. If you see a camo-clad wild-eyed woman with spiky hair and a big santa sack over her shoulder scuttling away...that'll be me.

YummyYarn said...

Wish me good vibes. I *have* the episode, but getting the time in between putting the insomniac preschooler down and going to sleep myself, that could be tricky.

Even not having seen the ep, though, I could have told you Jack didn't feel that way. There was clearly some attempt on the part of the writers to raise the question, but Barrowman *never* gave off "I want you" vibes. Concern, sympathy, interest, intense need for something Rose-ish that Gwen brought to the team...but never lust or anything like that. So I'll be glad to see it all firmly cleared up, so the boards can stop the wibbling about the topic.