Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coming Events

Just briefly, here are some places you can find me in the upcoming weeks.

Farmer's Market dates: August 24, September 14, October 5, October 26

Classes at Black Sheep Yarns: Sock Knitting, Project Support, Foundation Skills, Beginner Knitting.
Classes at the Port Moody Arts Centre: Freeform Knitting, Sweaters without a Pattern.

And of course I'll be spending an absurd amount of time at Black Sheep Yarns just hanging out, because there is now a yarn store within blocks of my house and I can.


Chris said...

Can I just say lately your colour combos on the roving are even more lovely than usual? I'm just learning how to use my new Lendrum and I am having fun trying the new fibres (wool/soysilk, Finn) you're using. I'm starting to dye my own, too, but I keep being tempted (and succumbing) to just buying yours! They are a drug. Good luck with your classes this fall!

YummyYarn said...

Thank you! The dyepots have been behaving well for me this past couple of weeks.

Uli said...

I'll try and see you on Sunday at the market....... bring lots of fibre..... or, can I send you a list? I guess I should talk to hubby first but since I'm not able to go to Gibsons, I've almost got him sucked into a trip to Port Moody as well. The store is open on Sundays, isn't it? :-)