Monday, February 2, 2009

Working it out

I've had the word "blog" on my to-do list for ages now, and I never seem to find the time and energy to do it.  I don't really have it today either, but I figure maybe I need to treat the blog like I treat answering emails from friends, sometimes -- better to send scattered and less coherent messages more frequently than to send brilliant missives at one-year intervals.

So I'm pregnant.  Lots of locals already know this, and some read it between the lines, but that's why I suddenly decided to get the toxic dye out of my house last August.  That's also where all my energy has gone lately.  I'm fine, strong and healthy, but even an easy pregnancy still involves growing a new human and takes considerable energy.  For months now, I've only had the werewithal for my family and the basics of my business.  I'm managing a good rate of spinning, and a decent rate of dyeing due thanks to Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia, who opened her studio (with rentable dye space) at exactly the right time.

The search for alternative workspace has been interesting.  Back in the spring it was becoming clear to me that if I wanted to grow, I'd need some workspace where I could spread out more and achieve a bit more volume, and I was selling my stuff at a good enough rate that the idea of paying for space was not too far-fetched.  And then, two lines appeared on the stick, and it was clear to me that finding workspace that wasn't my family's kitchen was a non-negotiable.  So I started to explore.

I told everyone that I needed space, and I know enough people in the local arts scene and a good handful of people in the fiber arts community specifically that I was really able to get the word out.  Lots of people were keeping their ears open for me, and while the suggestions didn't roll in quickly, they came in regularly enough.  Several of them were unworkable for my specific needs, but a few were possible, and one -- the Sweet Georgia studio -- was perfect.  Or at least, close to perfect.  It was downtown, so I'd have to make a pretty major expedition carrying all my stuff (20lbs of fiber, buckets, towels, my big box of dye solutions, etc.), but I tried it once, and it was okay, and the second time I went, it was awesome.  I dyed 15lbs in a day; my one-day record so far.

And just a short time ago, two or three more offers came in.  One for an actual studio four blocks from my house, with a totally affordable rent, and one for occasional use of another indie dyer's garage, which is her own dye workspace.  The first, I can't use now -- studio and newborn are just unmixable things -- but how amazing is it that, after only 6-8 months of starting the process of looking for this very particular thing, I found it?

I don't believe that the Universe is interested in my happiness one way or the other.  I don't believe that anyone or anything ethereal listens when you say what you want.  I do, however, believe that articulating what you want, to yourself first and foremost, and then to others, can provide impressive results.  Get clear on what you want, so that you recognize it when it happens, that's what I think.  And it's happening.

I have only one picture for you today: a pair of Knucks knit from a skein of my Bordering on the Avant Garde yarn.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! When is the newest member of the fibre team due?

YummyYarn said...

Thanks! End of April. I'm doing my best to spin, dye, and card my brains out until then.

Brittany said...

Congrats, Kirsten! Will be looking forward to baby pictures. ;)

Chris said...

Congratulations! You're in the home stretch now. Take it easy!

YummyYarn said...

Oh, if only -- but sadly, as a self-employed artisan I won't exactly get mat leave benefits. Until I actually go into labour, it's work work work.

Plus some napping. I'm not superwoman. :-)

Ashley said...

Wow, Congratulations!

jayne said...

Great to see you today, K, and thought I'd say hi here too :)