Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In the queue

I had intended to post a bunch of the soft-spun corriedale that I've been making -- loads of new colourways, all gorgeous, I'm very proud -- but they all got bought before I could post them. Hardly a problem, but a bit of a surprise. It seems that the half-size (as in, 55g instead of 110g) skeins are selling marvellously well at Three Bags Full, much better than the full size, and they wanted to re-stock a mere two weeks after they bought their last batch from me. I'm delighted, but the cupboards are bare. Pictured above is what I managed to spin in four or five days of being at home with a sick child. It's not my usual high rate of production, but the variety is high. I should be able to post one new yarn a day for the next week or so. Which is good, because I'm going to be unable to get any spinning done until Tuesday.

I swear, I haven't gotten a decent stretch of work days since November. Christmas, visitors, illness -- it conspires to take away what little time I have. And getting the two year old to understand that she has to let me spin is a tough sell.

One month until Fibrefest! My goodness, I am *so* not ready. Much work and stockpiling to be done.


Dotty said...

The sample mitten that you left at the store is making your yarn popular. Last week, one of the gals saw the mitten and immediately bought 2 skeins.

YummyYarn said...

The "cheater" fairisle is so compelling, isn't it? ("Cheater" because it looks like you used many different skeins of yarn, when it was really just a plain and a variegated.) I want to make a whole sweater like that, in a natural background and a foreground in shades of orange. Like a creamsicle, done in wool.