Friday, June 27, 2008

Meet my new baby

I now have visual aids to help those of you not already imbued with carded-batt lust understand what the big deal is.

Here is my new drum carder, and a basket of fiber "nibbles" (1 oz bits) that I am preparing to blend by carding:

I'm sorry to say that I don't know what kind of carder I bought. I have a piece of paper that tells me. All I know is, it was a price I could afford, and good deal according to Irene the Fiber Goddess who brokered the deal, and after I fiddled with the positioning of the drum for a bit, it works. So I'm as happy as can be.

Here is a before and during photo -- the dyed roving before carding, and a drum with a batt on it, not yet removed:

Here is what a batt looks like, carefully folded and glowing in today's lovely sunshine:

And here is my in progress, personal carding project -- my attempt to make something like tweed. I'm using some dark BFL that I dyed burgundy, and all of my considerable leftover bits of wool from the past several months' spinning:

I can't wait to spin it up. I plan a worsted weight yarn done long-draw, to preserve the excellent wooliness of the BFL. If all goes well, I'll use the wool for my next self-designed sweater. I always make a personal project as a model when I teach my 8-week class in knitting sweaters without a pattern. For the past two classes, I've done a kid's sweater so I could be sure that I would finish each stage in time to demonstrate it, but I'm feeling ambitious these days (must be the sunshine). My Fall teaching at the Port Moody Arts Centre is confirmed, and my sweaters class is going ahead pending registration, so I have until September to finish the spinning. Maybe I'll knit the body in advance, come to think of it; that doesn't need to be demo'd.

Weather into the weekend is good, and if the Port Moody Knitters group on Ravelry is anything to go by, it looks like we'll have at least a half-dozen people at this weekend's Fiber Party, maybe more. I'm looking forward to it.


islandknitter said...

Yeah! Kirsten has a drum carder! What lovely batts you can make now! What kind of wheel are you getting to replace your Louet? You'll be able to make the sock yarn you always wanted to with all your new tools! Don't forget to put some batts up on etsy too :)

YummyYarn said...

I will, once I can figure out how to package them without crushing them. Suspect I'll need to purchase some plastic bags, and send these things only in boxes.

I spent my morning carding; I now have a small plastic tote full of carded batts. I can only hope people want to buy them, because I don't think I can stop making them! It's totally addictive.

YummyYarn said...

Oh -- and I'm getting a Lendrum, with all the bells and whistles. If I"m extremely lucky, I'll have it on Sunday. I will indeed be able to make sock yarn. One of the reasons I'm upgrading is that the Lendrum has a wider range of capability than the Louet, including a better ability to make finer yarn.

So excited. :-)

islandknitter said...

I love my Lendrum! I am so happy to hear you are getting one. Most other wheels are nice, but you can do everything on your Lendrum,especially with all the flyers.... where did you get it from, someone in bc?
You can join the Cult of Lendrum group on Ravelry, now!

Anonymous said...

Your drum carder is an older model Patrick Green. I do have the original instruction folder for you.
I do like the tweed you are making.

Mama Stone said...

Wow! That is a gorgeous batt! Yum!

I wish I'd caught news of your fiber party earlier! Oh well :(

Have a Happy Canada Day!