Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Party at My Place!

This Sunday, I'll be at the farmer's market for my scheduled day, and I'm throwing a party. I'm going to be hanging out, spinning, and playing with a drum carder. And while that sounds like a perfectly fun time to spend all by myself, or just with the friend who is bringing the drum carder, it would be a lot *more* fun if there were lots of fibery people all together.

So, I'm throwing a party, a fiber party at my market booth. Bring some fiber if you want to play with the carder (or buy some of mine); bring hand cards. Bring your spinning wheel or your drop spindle. Bring a pair of knitting needles and you WIP, or bring a crochet hook and stand tall as a representative of the beleaguered-but-belligerent hookers out there.

Also bring your own chair, and possibly some sunblock.

Location: Coquitlam Farmer's Market (click here for directions)
Time: 9am to 1pm

What do you think? Who's in?


Ani said...

So I pretty much have to show up, eh? Not that I was planning on standing you up. Unless someone else is bringing a carder?

I will probably be there around 10ish, what with sleeping late and loading the thing into the car. Could you scrounge up a chair for me, btw? I don't have any chairs, folding or otherwise, that will fit into the back of my tiny tiny car.

And I have your hand wash. Somewhere. I'll find it before Sunday.

YummyYarn said...

Actually, I am the proud new owner of a drum carder, so you're not required, but you are definitely wanted. And it makes your drum carder optional, so if it's a pain to bring, you can leave it.

I'll do my best to bring extra chairs. And I now have a tent that doesn't collapse under a strong wind! It's all very exciting.

Oh! and my last batch of "Bordering on the Avant Garde" came out just perfectly, so I have a braid set aside for you.

Ani said...

Yay! Mmmm, lickable tie colours. While we're on the subject of stuff set aside, could I convince you to hold onto two braids of besotted for me (if you have two left that is)?

Ooooh, what carder did you buy? I'm still going to bring mine, so we can card in tandem. :-P It's not a pain to bring, I just stab myself with the intake drum sometimes. Yes, me and pointy things are not a good combination.

Uli said...

Oh, that sounds like fun. i was just saying to my husband that I wanted to go back to see you (and buy more fibre) since I am now the proud owner of my own spinning wheel - got it at Fibre Fest in Victoria on Sunday. But I also said to him that I wouldn't subject him to more fibery things right away...... ah well.... maybe we can compromise. But if not this summer, I'll most definitely have another fiber request list for you for another market later on this season.