Thursday, April 17, 2008

BSJ progress

Just a couple pictures. Here is the project as it appeared on Monday -- yarn chosen, pattern available, cast on done:

The yarn is my own, in colours Grape Jelly, Rose-A-Lee, and Mocha-Chocolata.

Here it is today:

Another day or two, and the knitting will be done. The Baby Surprise Jacket done with thick yarn -- delightful. The thing I love about instant gratification knitting is that the gratification is so, well, instant.

It's coming out about the right size for a two year old, which is what I expected. I may lengthen the sleeves a bit with a perpendicular garter stitch border; I may not. I don't know who will eventually wear the jacket, but it's a lovely demo piece for my yarn.


Christina said...

That's going to be lovely. Even better since it's made "from scratch" with handspun! Elizabeth has such great patterns and she always makes me laugh.

Ani said...

ohhhhh, that's gorgeous. I love the surprise jacket, it's so simple and so surprising. Whoever gets it is really lucky. and you mean BSJ, right? Unless you're taking in Battlestar Galactica? Which I am totally confused by right now.

on a less happy note, I am anticipating bailing on our fibre date this weekend due to illness. I'm apparently afflicted with the cold that's been going around as well as an inner ear infection that's playing havok with my ability to see things in a non-dizzy way. I'm going to try driving to work tomorrow and seeing if it's any better, but if not, I won't be able to make it out to where you are.

Anonymous said...

Showcasing your own handspun. I do hope it will fit your little sweet potato.Our kids are great models for our fibre art. The blend of colours are wonderful.

Mama Stone said...

Awee, so pretty! The colors go together so perfectly.
I saw one at three bags full today, myself. I'm tempted. I'm even more tempted by the adorable tulip baby cardigan that was out beside the eco yarn.
I'll have to settle for making hubby's space invader hat for now... boo.