Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Natural Progression

After considerable time spent in front of my wheel, listening to audiobooks and Massive Attack, I have spun 60 new skeins of yarn. Here are 40+ of them, drying outside -- actually drying, not just dripping until they match the ambient humidity of the Pacific Northwest outdoors in spring. I do love the improvements in the weather -- I was having a hard time staying happy, with all the grey skies. Sun make Kirsten happy.

This is all in preparation for Got Craft? this Sunday, May 4th. I'm looking forward to the show. I've been watching the vendor profiles go by on the show's blog, and I'm excited to be in such creative and accomplished company. If you're in the GVA on Sunday, it looks as though this show will be well worth the $2 admission.

Tomorrow -- labeling! My least favourite job, but a necessity.


Ani said...

sun good! too bad our rubber boat got a hole in it.

I am trying not to swoon, I am trying not to swoon. The colours you did this time are quite amazing.

And did you see that pattern on ravelry where someone actually knit a TARDIS? And of course, the BBC yelling copyright at them.

YummyYarn said...

Wow. You know, I figure, unless the BBC actually publishes a pattern for a knitted TARDIS, they don't have a leg to stand on. I think the concept of "fair use" needs a considerable review.

When I taught a pop culture class, I wasn't allowed to show clips of tv shows to illustrate my lectures. I'm allowed to read a page of a novel to illustrate a lecture...why not a clip of tv? Where's the fairness?

I'm still mad. I may or may not have totally violated copyright anyway in order to deliver my kickass lecture on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Thanks for the swooning. Did you see my latest batch of Ianto BFL?

Ani said...

yes, I did. It's gorgeous. As soon as I finish spinning all the other fibre I've managed to get from you, you'll have to dye me a batch of Ianto and a batch of goldfish bowl so I can spin and knit two sweaters.

Or it can just be when I finally get over this cough and come over with my drum carder.

The BBC is rabid about its copyright stuff, especially since Doctor Who is supposedly a HUGE cash-cow for them. I don't really blame them though, since it seems to have facilitated them getting more money to spend on shows than the CBC does over here. Have you noticed the difference in quality between the "national" television channels? They get quality programming produced at home, and we get Jpod and MVP. huh.

tracy said...

Such beautiful colours! Do you think your spinning class has influenced the way you spun up this newest batch of yarn?
ps my first batch of dyed roving looks a lot like one of the first yarns you sold on etsy, Mixing the Slushee Flavours Together, and it was total accident! I am thinking overdye for something a bit more subtle ;)
Sounds like a great event on Sunday, I am sure it will go well for you. I will to put the word out to my Vancouver knitter friends...

YummyYarn said...

I'm actually trying really hard *not* to be influenced by my spinning class. What I do in class is slow, and somewhat lumpy. What I can do with my usual techniques is maybe not perfect, but at least it's consistent. Before big event is *not* the time to start experimenting.

I am slowly adding a new tip and technique, here and there, to my for-sale yarn. I do think I've made some improvements, but I haven't yet switched over to the proper drafting technique, because when I try, it turns out worse than the "wrong" way I do it.

It's a process.

Something I learned for dye subtlety -- colour subtraction. Say you have magenta, and you don't want it to come out quite so neon. Add it's complement -- green. Just a touch. Works like a charm. I learned this useful tidbit from a friend who actually studied art, and therefore knows her way around a colour wheel.