Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coming Events

I'm doing a couple public events in the upcoming weeks, and they are these:

April 12-13, noon to 5pm: The ArtsConnect Port Moody Studio Tour. This annual event is a chance for the public to visit many of Port Moody's several artists in their own studios, or, in the case of those without public-friendly studios, in public venues. I will be at the Station Museum with my wheel, my yarn, and my fiber. To get the map of the whole event, click here.

May 4, 11am to 5pm: The Got Craft show on Commercial Drive. The Got Craft blog is profiling all the vendors one at a time, so check it out!

May 18: The Coquitlam Farmer's Market begins its 12th season on May 11, and I'll be there as a vendor on May 18. I intend to be there every three weeks, all summer.

And as always, my yarn and fiber is available at Three Bags Full.


beentsy said...

Okay, totally off topic but I just cried my little eyes out watching the final TW season 2 episode. How are you feeling about it?

YummyYarn said...

Sad, but also happy because it was *good*. Solidly written, directed, and acted. My fangirl self is doing a little happy dance because James Marsters freakin' knocked it out of the PARK with his actually rather wonderful acting chops.

Also, did you see the Captains Blog for "Adrift"? I may or may not have said "squee" out loud. So gosh darned sweet.

I have some nitpicks (back to the finale now), though. Firstly, did Jack get another coat? Because no way no how does the coat survive 1874 years of burial in the ground, I don't care how good British wool is. Also, the continued apparent sanity? It's a bit of a stretch. But I'm gonna go with it. Lastly, why did Grey want Cardiff blown up if the point was just to kidnap Jack? Fluorish?

But I can shelve these questions, because ultimately I loved it.

And this week I dyed a rather successful batch of Ianto in BFL, also a semi-successful Captain Jack, and a rather delicious Tosh.

beentsy said...

I think Grey wanted to hurt Jack and anyone who was close to Jack before he took him. James Marsters was great, wasn't he? Very powerful. Oh, and that had to be a new coat, had to be. Ianto BFL, gosh, that's almost porn for me. ;)